Meet Dawni

i wake up every morning with a great desire to live joyfully.-- Alexandra Stoddard

Hi Sweet Love. I am Dawni Christensen, one of the smiliest people I know!
I am one of those people who wake up every morning thrilled and excited to find out what the day will bring!
I like to joke that I was born happy and now do whatever it takes to stay that way, no matter what obstacles I am facing.

i love myself

Even as a child in the playground people have always talked to me about their life challenges, asking for insight on how they can live a fuller, more joyful life. I found myself then and still today naturally coaching them through a process that made a difference to them.

As a successful professional photographer for the last 17 years I have developed an intuitive talent of bringing out the essence of the person I am photographing to the surface which then shows up vibrantly in the picture. I found that often my photo shoots would turn into coaching sessions and it is there I realized my gift of photography was not just to take a beautiful snapshot, but was to help others to see their own divine beauty through what I was able to capture with my lens.
Today I live my life long dream of teaching classes, seminars, workshops and retreats to people working towards an authentic and joy filled life while combining my passion and talent of photography and mentoring others while in their sacred journey of falling in love with themselves.  

I absolutely adore every minute of what I do and am so excited to create the retreat I have dreamed of! Spending a weekend with women while we dig deep in to what brings them bliss is an absolute dream come true for me!

Cant wait to meet in April!
Love Dawni

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